Sunday, Sunday, Sundaaaay!

lol, Manning.  lol, Favre.  What an awesome day of football.

Just over two weeks until the expansion drops.  I keep thinking that I should prepare in some grand way, but, frankly, there’s fuck-all to do until 4.03a, aside from selling everything in my various banks, and ditching my new kitty spec for a hybrid bearcat spec and…yeah. Call me jaded, but the invasion was cool the first two times, now just aggravating when I want to get my mail, but the mailboxes apparently leave town along with the NPCs and lowbies.

I’m definitely looking forward to The Shattering (the patch, not the book), and will pick my warlock, who’s been 25 for like 4 years, back up to see the new levelling content.  The addition of city tabards and corresponding quartermasters is pretty cool for the lowbies, too.

Having played since Vanilla Beta, I’m really stoked for a tangible change in the old world, and really, really stoked to see Grim Batol and Uldum finally, come Cataclysm.  I remember fighting my way up there with a couple of guildies back when we were around 45 or so only to be disappointed when we reached what looked like another Ironforge, with no way in.

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