Great post in the MMO Champion forums: What wrath players need to know to not suck at Cata!

It will certainly be interesting (possibly very fucking annoying depending on how much trash are in these instances…Shadow Vaults, I’m looking at you) to see how DPS and tanks react to having to CC and not round up the first two or three groups of mobs to AoE them down.  It’ll be especially hilarious to see how many hunters who started playing during Wrath have NO idea wtf is going on.  :D

Happy Hanukkah to my fellow hebros and shebrews.  I’m’a go have me a ham sammich.

EDIT: Actually, I had split-pea soup, but it was made with bacon and a ham hock.

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3 Responses to Doop-dee-doo.

  1. Neeks says:

    Yah I read that article too, and just thought, really? The game has been dumbed down THAT much? I mean, come on, that is basically how we rolled in BC. Smart play by smart players to make it happen. /agree extra trash doesn’t make something harder, it makes it annoying. However, I for one, am super excited to get back to the crazy tough heroics. I truly hope we see an outcry on the boards about it, that’s how hard I want them to be, so all the omgpewpew one button morons will realize just how bad they suck. Yah, I’m an elitist prick, so what?

    In other news, Happy Hanukkah, though I’m not going to pretend I know the exact dates. =)

    Supah Dupah Kitteh

    • Koguma says:

      It…kinda has. While I agree that harder than WotLK is better, I just hope they remember to keep it fun. Outland, while it had some hard content, was, for the most part, just plain not fun.

      Maybe we’ll see a population dropoff as retards leave because, “IT’S TOO HAAAAARD” and go back to Call of Duty or HALO.

  2. Iphi says:

    Remember when BC came out and how hard Shattered Balls was at first? It took me many many tries to save the prisoners and get the Champion of the Naaru title. I had to get a mage from Exigence, the #1 guild on DB, to come in and help b/c my guild flat out refused to go in there . . . also, I distinctly remember spending seven hours in Shadow Labs one day b/c I was determined to kill Murmer, he had my Dungeon 3 legs . . . and the #2 guild on the server invited me in one day when they’d been trying to complete heroic Arcatraz ALL DAY and one of their party had to leave.

    But /agree, overall Outlands was boring, aside from Karazhan, I kind of liked that raid instance.

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