Quick update.

Hit 83, and some Lightsworn folks and I plowed through Blackrock, Vortex and Stonecore last night, all of which were great-looking and had some fantastic (and nasty) fight mechanics.

Bear AoE threat is…not what it was, but not terrible by far.  Now if I could get folks *coughLetcoughArchicough* to give me more than half a second to grab aggro, things would be peachy.  ;)  Thrash is pretty awesome, and I actually find myself sticking it into my single-target rotation once things get going, for the extra bleed.

Blizzard put a LOT of work into the zones, and it really shows.  The quests flow very well from one to the next, but GOD DAMMIT, STOP WITH THE ‘GRAB SHIT ON THE GROUND’ QUESTS.  Also, single (generally named) quest mobs that drop a quest item, but only drop one…seriously…wtf.  People do group to quest, you know.

Anyhoo, Banjo and I are kicking ass, and I have a ton of pics to post later.

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One Response to Quick update.

  1. Iphi says:

    Hmm I’ve only hit 81, and not having fun. The zones are beautiful, but so many people clogging the area, and everyone just *has* to stay on their drake and stand on top of the quest givers. The mobs are respawning so fast it’s hard to get out once the requisite number of ogres or twilight guys or whatever have been killed . . . people sniping herbs . . . I’m just having a hard time getting enthused. My guild is trying to be realm first on professions . . . so no pressure there . . . I might just fly around and fish or log off for a couple weeks till the frenzy is over.

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