Argaloth? Moar liek Ugh-aloth, amirite?

Had a crack at the Baradin Hold (new VoA) boss with an undergeared group.  Straightforward fight – two groups at 90+ degrees from one another, tank swap when his debuff is cast on the current tank, avoid the fire from the sky at 66% and 33%, casts a DoT which needs to be cleansed on random folks every so often.

That said, we got our asses handed to us in short order.  DPS was way low, and the healers couldn’t keep up – our druid was OOM by ~65%, Vassinda (Banjooooo!) was in better shape, but still ridiculous.  I think if I was resto, I’d be rage-quitting.

Anyway, once we get more folks some gear, I think we’ll slap his shit in short order.  If only I was so confident towards the trash before him…

I swear, picstooooorm and guide upgrades are coming.

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