Another Sunday night.

The Media section has finally been updated with a crapload of new screenshots.  Bear guide updates still pending.

A few thoughts on life at 85:

I have never seen so much fucking plate gear in my entire time playing WoW.  Were I still playing my DK, I’d be in heaven, however, trying to gear up this bear is proving frustrating at best.

Heroics are…not what I’d call fun.  I love a challenge, but some of the encounters are way overtuned (Ozruk, you douchebag), and they generally end up being a huge time-sink.

It doesn’t help that we have only a handful of folks who are geared for heroics, fewer that seem to actually want to run them, and they are a big fucking L2P check.  My pipe dream of hitting the raids with gusto within the first month of release is probably just that.  (Oh, yeah, and we have like two healers at this point, period.)

Rep grinds.  Blizz…why you always gotta make me hit you?

Ugh.  Well, the Pats are on, and we’re getting ready to head to Vancouver for a week on Wednesday, so it’s not all bad.  ;)

Bearzu out.

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4 Responses to Another Sunday night.

  1. Iphi says:

    I agree! I’m not geared for heroics yet, but it’s been a giant pain trying to get any rogue gear. Weapon wise, I haven’t seen anything but daggers drop so far. Leather-wise, at least I had 4k justice points and was able to buy a few pieces. I’m not liking playing a melee class this expansion. If you need healers, I’d be willing to come over and play my priest Saneth, but I haven’t leveled her to 85 yet. My husband Michael is also a priest, he’s 85 and gearing, and I think he’d come over and heal too. He has a resto shaman as well but I’m not sure whether the shaman is 85 yet. Ask Nethim and let us know.

    • Koguma says:

      Hey, we’d love to have you. Healers are in short supply everywhere, it seems, and Banjo’s taking the brunt of the “come heal for us!”. That, and it’d be great to play with you again. ;p

  2. Iphi says:

    Yeah the question is whether Nethim/Tali would want us. I think Tali had bad feelings when I stopped raiding with CR.

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