Throne of the Four Winds

Conclave down, woo!  And a shiny, new epic bear ring, to boot.  Not being much of a fan of heights, even virtual ones, I cringed every time I had to hurl myself though the air from the “life” platform to the “wind” one.

Definitely one of those fights that sounds stupidly over-complicated, but as long as everyone knows their job (“KNOW YOUR JOB!” -Bill Belicheck)…which I suppose one could say about almost every fight…it’s not too bad, or at least, won’t be too bad once folks are more comfortable with the fight.

Tanking Nezir is about as straightforward as it gets.  Keep him faced away from the group, eat the Permafrost, don’t stand in the shit on the ground.

As far as Anshal goes, the tank needs to drag him from one side of the platform to the other when he drops one of his little, green healy circles on the ground.  Sounds vague, but try to keep him far enough from the healers/DPS that he doesn’t drop one of said circles right on them (it heals the boss/adds…it silences/pacifies the rest of us schmucks), but not so far that they need to run around to heal you, or put themselves in a position to get owned by the adds he’ll summon.

He was hitting for ~60-62k with the Zephyr buff.  As long as you make 100% sure that he’s going to go right for you, and not the healer, you can hang back as far as you can on the platform to waste a couple of seconds of it, otherwise, just pop SI and get in there.  He’ll hit for less than 30k at that point.

And my favorite part of the fight.  When he summons the adds…ignore them.  Yell at DPS to pull them off you!


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