Halfus Bear-breaker down.

We got the basic mechanics down quickly, then it was a question of keeping people alive.  We three-tanked it, which I don’t think will be necessary next time around, after I suggested that we just wake up the two most advantageous-to-kill drakes and skip doing a third.  The extra time on Halfus proved way more useful than the 150% damage buff, which only left us ~1:30 to kill him, and led to repeated wipes at about 15-20%.

Not much in the way of fancy tanking strats for this one.  The tanks need to swap due to a stacking debuff from Halfus that reduces healing, and stay out of the fire.  Each of the drakes, when they die, give Halfus (or his asshole pet proto-drake who’s just sitting up there spamming fireballs like a little bi…anyway…) a debuff when they die, as well as taking away their own buff from him.

It is, like every raid encounter I’ve seen so far, incredibly healer-intensive, and again will say that, were I a healer, I’d’ve ragequit the game by now and gone back to waiting for SWToR.  That said, it does fuck-all for the morale of anyone else in the raid to have a healer whining and bitching constantly over Vent about “the tanks dropping like a rock” and “everyone taking too much damage”.

Cowboy up, bro.  No one’s bitching at you when we die, because we understand how hard these fights are, so put a filter on your yap, or do it off mic.

(…rant off)

So, fatty died, loot sucked.  Plate, plate, lol!

We attempted Magmaw the next night.  I think we all left BWD feeling…violated.  Al’Akir’s goin’ daaaaooooown tomorrow, though.

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