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GWInsider cannot into anything worthwhile? Also, Professions!

So, the WvWvW post came to naught.  Instead, they put up some half-baked screenshots from an upcoming battleground (or whatever they’re calling them) with no info to back them up, and a few screenshots of a Norn Elementalist in PvP … Continue reading

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Infodump #2 (because what else are you going to do today but read this, what with no football this week…)

New blog post tomorrow about WvWvW, World vs. World vs. World, which I’ll post.  Just as a teaser, though, imagine old-school Alterac Valley, but the size of a whole zone.  Then imagine 3 armies, each from a different server, and … Continue reading

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Release date? Getting closer, anyway.

From ArenaNet’s Sunday blog posting: “We recently finished our first closed beta test, and we’re now ready to hold progressively larger events. In February we’ll invite select press to participate in beta testing, and in March and April we’ll aggressively … Continue reading

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GW2 Design Philosophy and Basic Info Dump

“I personally have heard numerous designers and producers working on unreleased MMO projects describe their game in these terms: “It’s like WoW, but…” I just shake my head when I hear this, because the team that is best poised to … Continue reading

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Mozu and Haitei, back together again? It’s more likely than you think.

Almost a year since my last post.  Here’s the short version of what’s been going on with MMOzu (har…har?). Quitting WoW was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time for numerous reasons.  BUT…PANDAS, you say?  Yeah, … Continue reading

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