Infodump #2 (because what else are you going to do today but read this, what with no football this week…)

New blog post tomorrow about WvWvW, World vs. World vs. World, which I’ll post.  Just as a teaser, though, imagine old-school Alterac Valley, but the size of a whole zone.  Then imagine 3 armies, each from a different server, and each with roughly 500-650 players, going at it for 2 weeks.

Sounds exciting?  You’re goddamned right it does.  (For those of you with any interest in PvP, I’ll be trying to put together a small scout/deep strike/saboteur squad for WvWvW.)

Top 10 Reasons to be Interested

10 Little Things to Like

What’s wrong with the holy trinity?

Guild Wars 2 “Soft” Trinity version – Devs explaining

Capital Cities & Home Instance

(Somewhere, there’s a 20-minute walkthrough of Divinity’s Reach, the human capital, which I need to find.  The place is huge.  I mean…HUGE.)

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