GWInsider cannot into anything worthwhile? Also, Professions!

So, the WvWvW post came to naught.  Instead, they put up some half-baked screenshots from an upcoming battleground (or whatever they’re calling them) with no info to back them up, and a few screenshots of a Norn Elementalist in PvP gear* taken on a shitty laptop at low/medium graphical settings.  I kid you not.  Not even going to bother linking it.

So, instead, let’s start to talk about classes, or as they call ’em in GW-land, professions.  One would think that starting at the top of the alphabet would be the way to go, but…Mozu’s blog, Mozu’s class.  Presenting the Ranger.

*Mozu-note: There is no PvP gear grind.  You go into a BG, you’re bumped to 80, and everyone is given the same gear. And NO FUCKING RESILIENCE. In WvWvW, you’re bumped to 80, but use whatever PvE gear you’re wearing.

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