The Engineer.

Mozu-note: Keep in mind that I’m cutting/pasting the class info from the GW2 site and/or blog, hence the occasional hackneyed writing, and total lack of profanity. 

So, today I’m happy to present the Thompson, Gondsman class, also known as the Engineer.  You want a rifle?  Grenades?  Mines?  Turrets?  No problem.  A flamethrower?  Fuck yeah, have one.  Healing?  Throwing Elixirs at your buddies to remove negative status effects or add buffs?  Shit yeah, son, it’s like we’re rollin’ Final Fantasy Tactics up in here.

Needless to say, finally getting to play Thompson in a vidya game is going to be balls-out awesome (and will probably end up being my main).

Have a look, and glory to the Wonderbringer!  Presenting, the Engineer.

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