Beta info and impressions, part 1

There was a press beta this past weekend, and tons of new goodies now abound.  Normally, I’d jump right into PvE (or WvW) content, but instead feel like starting off with these mini-walkthroughs of three of the five major cities – Hoelbrak (Norn), The Black Citadel (Charr), and Divinity’s Reach (Human) – and although the player has a tendency to natter on, they’re very much worth a watch.

He frankly does a terrible job of really showing off Hoelbrak until the last few minutes, but Divinity’s Reach all makes up for it, which, huge as it seems, is still only a small part of the city.

Gameplay!  Ok, yes, I’ll admit, there are better players running the game on higher settings, but the Yogscast guys are pretty fucking funny to listen to (and you get to see some cool things, like people you’re grouped with for personal story stuff actually get to see your cutscenes).

Norn! (With links to the other parts of the video at the end.)

Charr! (With links to the other parts of the video at the end.)

Human! (I assume they’ll put the rest up throughout the day.)

Stay tuned for more PvE and some WvW tomorrow!

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