Introducing the the Guardian, and some other business.

Today’s update is brought to you by Rylar (Sandy), who’s been a whiz at putting together these profession updates, and generally picking up my slack.  Check out the Guardian!

In other news, for those of you who might have missed it, Guild Wars 2 will be available for pre-purchase on April 10th, and anyone who pre-purchases direct from ArenaNet will receive beta invites to the weekend betas, along with three days of early access to the game before the official release date, which will be great for securing character names and our guild.

And speaking of the guild, I’ve had zero suggestions from people, so we’re going to go with [Two Drink Minimum] unless someone comes up with any brilliant ideas at the last second.  Also, let me know if you folks who are planning on playing are bringing other friends along as well – the more the merrier.

I would also like to set up a Ventrilo server for the guild through (probably) Typefrag.  The price for a 25-person server is $10/month, which I’m willing to shell out of my own pocket, but if anyone can kick in a buck or two a month, it would be a huge help.

That’s it for now, go check out the Guardian!

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8 Responses to Introducing the the Guardian, and some other business.

  1. Justin says:

    Check out Mumble voice chat Steve. We’ve been using it for a few years now and it has served us well. Nate has a server setup already which we used for WoW raiding, DDO, and LoL.

    My suggestions for Guild names since I don’t drink,

    Illuminated ( holdover from our old WoW guild, and our LoL ranked team)
    Ghost Company

    (or something suitable skirmish-y)


  2. Mozu says:

    [Ghost Company] was definitely on my mind, as was [Stormcrow], which was Mozu’s short-lived guild, before Blizzard made small guilds pointless. Partly, I wanted to get away from the WoW SUPR SRS guild names a bit, and [TDM] has gotten thumbs-up from folks, or at least a good chuckle. Rootbeer is fine, too. >.>

    If WordPress has a thinger for it, I may put up a few options for a vote.

    I’ve used Mumble before, no strong opinion on it one way or the other. Is Nate going to play, and/or can we use said server?

  3. Neeks says:

    I’ll definitely be there, and at the moment, it’s just me coming. The woman certainly doesn’t mind the gaming, but not overly interested in it other than curling up next to me on the couch with a good book. ;) TDM sounds good, but I’m good with whatever really. I can’t see a group led by Bear Cub and Mrs. as being SUPR SRS anything. /shrug :D

  4. Rylar says:

    Oh dear, I hope you all don’t think I’m leading anything. I just like the writing. :) Steve’s the boss of this gaming outfit. I’m a spectacular newbie, with a head for facts. :P

    I rather like “Harrowers” Justin. Those are some good ideas!

    • Mozu says:

      Yeah, no.

      I’m just trying to wrangle all of my buddies into one place for some fun times and to administer severe beatings to giant monsters.

      I prefer to think of myself as “Head Cat Wrangler”.

      Or “bartender”. ;)

      • Rylar says:

        By boss, I meant household head game-understanding guy (and bartender), not evil despot of doom. ;)

        Does that make me “Head Bee Wrangler”?

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