Character builder doodads.

Go nuts. Post builds in the comments section!

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3 Responses to Character builder doodads.

  1. Raimius says:

    Doesn’t look like you can copy the url to any real effect. Doesn’t change when you put points in traits or skills. =( Though I did a 30/20/10/10 Thief build to use dual pistols… yummy.

  2. Mozu says:

    I was looking at sword MH, pistol OH for my thief build. I have to say, I really like the thief skills, at least on paper. (Dem shortbow skills is HNNNNNG…)

    Full-on rifle/medkit build for Thompson. Shooty/healey/support.;appaf;aaaZbedVfaaabaa;Zaaa;YgWZZ

    Shortbow/greatsword for status effects/slows/cripples and maximum fucking shit up build on Mozu.;ppaaf;UfZWZcaaaaaaVaa;YaZa;ZiTXZ

  3. Rylar says:

    I’ve tried to do this a few times, and I realized I just have no idea how certain things are going to play out in the actual game. I’ve played around with weapons and skills, but the traits.. buh, I can’t even begin to theory-build with those.
    Anyways, here’s one possibility, though the only thing I’m a bit set on is the rifle.;aaaaa;aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa;baca;ZcXUb

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