Useful links – PvE

Hi all. I came across this useful article describing the various components of PvE in GW2 a while ago. If you’re curious about what day to day, non-WvW gameplay will be all about, this is a pretty good description.


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3 Responses to Useful links – PvE

  1. Neeks says:

    I seriously somehow make myself forget about this game to lessen the impatience, but then you freakin post interesting stuff like that, and the cycle starts all over again. /sigh Let’s get it on already!

    • Mozu says:

      I know, right? I’m seriously going to scream the next time I hear “when it’s done!”

      Ah, well. Beta at the end of this month. At least we’ll get a little group asswhuppin’ in.

  2. Rylar says:

    Sorry >< I've got all the rest of the races to post. I'll try to make them boring :P

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