Beta Weekend, April 27th-29th


One important note: If the list of servers stays the same as it was in the other beta and stress test, head for Anvil Rock.  I’d’ve chosen Sorrow’s Furnace, but that’s Reddit’s server, and….fuck Reddit.

I’ll figure out what I’m doing about voice chat soon.  Probably, I’ll just set up one on my gaming machine and leave it up for the weekend.

Anyhoo, with close to 2 years following this game, running the gamut between “mildly interested” and “foaming at the mouth”, I’m pretty fucking excited to finally get some hands-on time with it.  How excited?  Hmm, I can only come up with so much epic on short notice, but…

See you kids in-game.  :D


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2 Responses to Beta Weekend, April 27th-29th

  1. Neeks says:

    OOOOOH YEEEEAAAAHHH! Anvil Rock it is.

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