First beta weekend info.

Friday, April 27th, 12pm PST until Sunday, April 29th, 11:59 PST, Two Drink Minimum [TDM] is gettin’ it aaaaaaawn.

As much as I would love to say, “I’ll do some video caps and voiceover, and some in-depth impressions”…let’s face it.  I’ll probably spend a couple of hours, at least, in the character creator alone, and otherwise, I wanna run around a bro it up, and actually play this fucking game, finally.  Next beta, after the “OMFG!” has worn off a little, then I may do so.

Also, I will start working on a guild roster next week, with folks’ IRL names, and in-game contact info.



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5 Responses to First beta weekend info.

  1. Neeks says:

    rofl cause if it wasn’t bad enough, now there’s an actual countdown timer for the beta weekend on the official site.

  2. Rylar says:

    Haha, oh dear. I’m pretty excited to walk through Lions Arch. It is a bummer they aren’t putting the Asura/Sylvari in, but having another major city to see? That is pretty awesome.

  3. Mozu says:

    I can’t fucking wait to see Lion’s Arch.

  4. Neeks says:

    Not sure how many of us played old school Everquest or that type waaaaay back in the day, but there was a way to play EQ that was outside traditional gameplay. It involved really knowing your class abilities and various tricks of the trade to sort of .. play outside the box and do things to content that the developers never thought of. It took a pretty skillful player to adjust to varying needs in the encounters, but made it more fun and satisfying beating various monsters, dungeons, etc. I’ve been watching some of these dungeon playthrus and it seems like these developers may have (either accidently or on purpose) put together game play, both PvE and WvWvW that is along the same lines. The “out of the box” playing has become the norm in GW2, and that’s very exciting to see back in a game. Hopefully that sort of made sense. lol

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