Useful links – tips for beta

Hi all. Here is another useful link. Ravious, from ‘Kill Ten Rats’ gives some game play and content tips for getting the most out of your first beta weekend.

I would also add that I would kind of take my time getting through the starting instance. Fight a few bad guys, res some npcs and poke around a bit before rushing to the big fight at the end. You’ll be glad that you’ve unlocked a few weapon skills before getting to the boss fight, and its your only chance to see that instance… I suppose until you play it again in another beta or when the game releases. :D

Otherwise, I plan on playing anything but the race I have planned for my main. Don’t want to get bored with that content too soon!


EDIT:  Here’s the client download link (which ANet still hasn’t bothered to post).  (Now working.  Stupid spaces in the URL.)

It should update to the newest client version.  If not, you’ve wasted very little time with this, and if it does, you’re ready to go at 12pm PST.

Download this, unzip, click on the file inside to begin the download, wait.


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6 Responses to Useful links – tips for beta

  1. Raimius says:

    zip file seems damaged when I try to download it.

  2. Neeks says:

    page not found now on that download link .. where did that client come from originally?

  3. Rylar says:

    No idea Neeks. That is all Mozu. I just got my invite email with the link to download the client. My advice? Wait for the email, and download it via the normal channel, rather than wrestling with mystery links. :P But then, Mozu would tell me that I am a big ol’ stickler. :D

  4. Neeks says:

    nvm, i found a link on the guru forums, plus i got my email as well .. /happy happy joy joy

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