Playable races – The Norn

Hello all,

In light of all the excitement this week, I thought I would post the second to last race description. The norn also happen to be one of the three playable races in this weekend’s beta. Exciting!

The Norn stand out from the other races playable in this beta, in that their starting zone is much less grim and chaotic. While Charr and Humans find themselves thrust onto the battlefield, the Norn start their adventure at a big freaking party. It is not to say that the Norn aren’t facing similar threats to the other races, but their approach to life is much less grim – challenges are an opportunity to make your legend, not burdens to bear!



Yes, there are pirate norn. Sweet.

EDIT: Cool article – press scrubs representatives had a chance to play through ten levels of Asura goodness, and no, they’re not in the beta this weekend.  Lame.


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2 Responses to Playable races – The Norn

  1. Raimius says:

    I think I might play one of these guys during the beta this weekend.

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