So. Beta. In less than 24 hours.

The partial roster is up is up on the blawg, and I’ll get the guild set up ASAP (after dicking around in the character creator for an eternity), and give out the Mumble info when folks are invited in.

Speaking of which, we will be using Mumble for our voice chat – Dave has been so kind as to let us use his server for it, so you might want to snag it and get it set up beforehand.

It’s been a long, long wait for this, and I’m thrilled at the turnout we’ll be getting, and the excitement level I’ve seen from folks, not to mention a coming-together of a large number of my favorite people.  Now here’s hoping the game is actually good, and I didn’t drag you all in here for nothing.  :p

I’d also like to give special thanks to Sandy/Rylar, who’s gone above and beyond to provide game info in an entertaining and well-written manner that’s a far cry from my regurgitated official website info, as well as answering tons of questions from various folks.  Without you, this blog would be a whole lot less impressive, and a lot fewer people would be logging in tomorrow.

Now, in preparation for tomorrow, excuse me while I rock the fuck out.

-Mozu \m/

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8 Responses to 4/27

  1. Neeks says:

    Amen .. to all of it lol .. I’ve read and re-read all the informative class stuff from Rylar and /agree, well done. =) Unfortunately, I have to work all weekend .. /grumble bad guys .. but I will be squeezing every last bit I can from the hours I’m not in uniform this weekend. Really looking forward to this one, due in no small part to the people coming with.

  2. Rylar says:

    Aw, thanks Mozu. Glad it has all been handy for some folks. I’ll be busy in work late tomorrow, but rest assured I’ll be plunking down after dinner, and making myself a Norn warrior. :D

  3. Justin says:

    I’ll have some time tonight (hopefully) to get through character creation. I’ve got some plans around 6:30 EST so I will miss you guys on the west coast. Do we have Mumble info yet so I can set the server up on my install? I’ll also likely be messing with Norn first off.

  4. Rylar says:

    Steve should be on all afternoon. The joys of being self employed :D He was going to send out Mumble info in-game as people join the guild, just to avoid putting it all over the internet. But whenever he gets up, I imagine you’ll hear from him :D

    I’ll be in a dark windowless room all afternoon… painting bees.

  5. Neeks says:

    wheee servers up early :D

  6. Justin says:

    you know, it’s really frustrating being done with all your work for the day, but staring at the “beta is now live” screen on your work computer… where you cannot play.


  7. Neeks says:

    lol sorry .. it’s worse though, playing for a couple hours, then having to GO TO work ;)

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