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Last but not least… the mysterious Sylvari

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Its time to visit the fifth and final race of Tyria. This week, to get us all through the shakes until we play the beta on the 7th, we’ve got a post for you all about … Continue reading

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2nd Beta Weekend (Finally) Announced

Beta Weekend Event 2 will begin on Friday, June 8th, at noon PDT (GMT-7) and will run until Sunday, June 10th, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (GMT-7).

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Beta news, good and bad.

Saw a post from Arenanet on Facebook this morning… started dancing singing “beta beta beta”. Then I read it more closely, and it is not this weekend! It is next weekend (the 8th-10th of June). Boo. But yay Beta! ALSO … Continue reading

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Guys… hey guys!

Hey guys! Guess what? I got up at 4am this morning, and I just got home at 10pm. Woo! Science! In other news, I ran into this video that you all must watch. It shows a bit about what has … Continue reading

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Stress test tomorrow!

Mozu has posted about this around the guild forums and such, but I thought I’d put up an note here. There is a short server stress test tomorrow from 11:00am to 6:00pm PST. Not so bad for those of you … Continue reading

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Jeremy who?

Or, replacing your in-game music with non-generic fantasy bombast. >FLAC Thank you, based ArenaNet.

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[TDM] forums are go!

I know that some of you will be quite familiar with the layout. Two Drink Minimum [TDM] We’ll still be using the blog as much as we ever did – the forums are mainly for promoting discussion and social interaction, … Continue reading

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