Postcards from Lion’s Arch

Hi all. Wow, first beta weekend over. TDM was all over this thing! I hope you all had a blast. I know I did. I leveled a Norn version of my main up to 18, and unlocked most of the warrior weapon skills. I learned to dodge and heal… sort-of. I died a lot, but had fun doing it.

We have lots of thoughts to share with you, but I think we’re a bit overwhelmed at the moment, so this morning I’m going to give you two things.

First, my favorite moment from the weekend: Grouped up with a few TDM folk, we headed over to pick up a skill point that involves fighting a bunch of bandits. When we got there, two players were lying there defeated. We rezzed them and steamrolled those bandits. Afterwards, in chat, they both posted “Thanks TDM!” or something to that effect. It was a pretty nifty feeling.

Finally, I give you a couple post-cards from my exploration of Lions Arch.

Enjoying the local scenery

A little tiki bar I found up above the city. Future TDM hangout?

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5 Responses to Postcards from Lion’s Arch

  1. Drew says:

    I love the tiki bar! I visited another bar called the “Crow’s Nest” situated high above the market. It was a real dive, but it was fun to watch the merchants doing their thing down below.

    • Rylar says:

      The picture doesn’t totally do it justice. There is a view of the whole bay and the city, and as a bonus, a waypoint right there :D I also loved that, rather than the typical “ale” you see around guildwars, it looked like a fully stocked bar back there.

  2. Mozu says:

    Dive bar? Folks, I think we just found [TDM]’s hangout.

  3. Mozu says:

    …although I am pretty partial to sunny beaches and a fruit salad floating in a bucket of rum.

  4. Rylar says:

    Time for a TDM “bar crawl”? :D

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