Useful links – Banks and Trading post

Hello all,

Busy times here in Bearzu-central. Post-beta catch up at work has seriously hindered my writing time! Here is a pretty interesting post written by Ravious over at Kill Ten Rats. I know a few of you (I’m looking at you dear brother), are excited to play the markets, and get into the trading post on release. Well Ravious did a little playing about, and can give you some ideas of how much fun it might be. He also poked about in the bank and inventory features, and found a few things that will make inventory space much easier to come by, and save you a few trips back to town to bank crafting supplies. Enjoy!


Mozu’s favorite place in Divinity’s Reach

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3 Responses to Useful links – Banks and Trading post

  1. Neeks says:

    the fact that i can post stuff from anywhere in the world is super. gonna be a lot less trips to town for selling, although the waypoints cut that up pretty well too

    • Rylar says:

      Yeah it is pretty sweet. The cost of the waypoint travel isn’t huge, but it added up for me. It’ll be nice to avoid the trip a bit more often, though I’m sure I’ll be running off to repair my armor often enough.

      • Neeks says:

        actually repairs was what caused most of the trips for me lol “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a elite boss’ attacks!” :)

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