Last but not least… the mysterious Sylvari

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Its time to visit the fifth and final race of Tyria. This week, to get us all through the shakes until we play the beta on the 7th, we’ve got a post for you all about the lore of the Sylvari.

Some background on this race, from a design perspective. They were originally designed to basically be elves wearing leaves. They were freaking boring. But an enterprising designer decided to give them a redesign that made them far more interesting. The new Sylvari, while humanoid from a distance, start to get a bit weird when you look a little closer. They’ve modeled them to actually be made of plants, rather than just human models with green paint. Their culture is courtly and chivalrous, but they have some pretty dark twists. They also are a nice flip from the ‘ancient immortal all-knowing elven race’. Enjoy!


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