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WE HAVE A FUCKING RELEASE DATE. 8/28/2012 See you in Tyria! I’ll be the blue sylvari with a martini in each hand. (also, BWE3 on July 20-22) (Also also, early access for those of us who pre purchased will be … Continue reading

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Shenanigans Part II

Well my nerdly friends, it is well past time for me to write a little description of ‘part 2’ of our guild get together last Beta Weekend. After goofing about in Lion’s Arch, we decided to head through the Charr … Continue reading

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Useful links – Arenanet’s design philosophy

Hi all, I don’t usually link over to Arenanet’s blog posts from here, but today’s post is one I’ll make an exception for. First, it was written by Colin (squee). Secondly, it talks about about their design philosophy. Some of … Continue reading

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Hello everyone! Well, BWE2 is long since past, and we’re overdue to post a little update of the guilds doings last weekend. It was a glorious weekend of gaming! They let us keep our characters from BWE1, so we could … Continue reading

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New Server: Frost Gate

Transfer over to Frost Gate, folks.

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BWE2 Server update for [TDM]

Mozu and I have been contemplating server options. We’re going to mosey over to “Jade Quarry” this upcoming weekend. Do not fret – you can pick any server when you first log in, and server transfers are free until 6pm … Continue reading

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Useful link – tips and tricks from GW2 Guru.

Hi all, We’re gearing up this week for Beta weekend #2. I’m really excited to see what they add in – we won’t be seeing the Sylvari or Asura yet, but they will be adding at least one higher level … Continue reading

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