Useful link – tips and tricks from GW2 Guru.

Hi all,

We’re gearing up this week for Beta weekend #2. I’m really excited to see what they add in – we won’t be seeing the Sylvari or Asura yet, but they will be adding at least one higher level map full of pirates and centaurs. Hooray!

In the meantime, here is a useful post over on Guild wars 2 Guru detailing some little tips and tricks that we may have missed in the first beta. I don’t exactly recommend Guru as a source of information anymore – it has gotten to be a pretty unpleasant place, full of whining and hand wringing over every new piece of information that comes out. Oh well, little gems like this make it work peeking at occasionally.

The only other trick I’d add is to go back and read your mail. At the bottom of each letter for each ‘heart’ you filled is a place to ‘accept’ the reward from the NPC you helped out. I was much richer than I thought. :P

Edit: Also just remembered – there are free speed boons all over the cities – handy for exploring!

Also keep an eye on the TDM guildportal homepage and forums for details about servers and meeting up in game. At the moment, we’re planning to all meet on Saturday night -7pm PST/10pm EST. Hopefully this works for all time zones , but let me know if we should push it a bit earlier.


See you on the beach!

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