Hello everyone! Well, BWE2 is long since past, and we’re overdue to post a little update of the guilds doings last weekend.

It was a glorious weekend of gaming! They let us keep our characters from BWE1, so we could access some of the new, higher level maps, and didn’t have to go through the skill unlocking with the weapons again. Many tweaks and fixes were in evidence – I thought melee was somewhat improved, and event scaling had been tweaked in some places. Some events were still pretty broken though. A few new folks joined us this weekend, and we’re super pleased to see the guild growing with more friends.

But enough blather. On to the shenanigans.

Saturday night was our first of many “organized” guild get-togethers. We met up at Lions Arch, by the fountain. In attendance were Rylar, Mozu, Jormunder, Guymelef, Aryshiys, Jemina, Battlecat, and Xandira. We very much missed the folks that couldn’t make it – but there shall be many more such events in the future. :)

So, we thought we’d head off and explore Lion’s Arch, but then Jorm puts this down:

What is this “Box of Fun” and why is Jorm so big?

Box of Fun!

Giant Mozu! And who is that pig?

The screenshots don’t really do the mayhem justice. This box, when used, has some random effect on your character – it changed you into other races, or made you giant or tiny, or gave you a snowball to throw, or fireworks. It was very very silly. Thanks Jorm!

Having giggled enough, we headed off to explore Lion’s Arch. Of course this meant a trip up to the diving board.

Who are these yahoos?

Followed by a lovely swim in old Lion’s Arch.

And eventually, headed out to search for some PvE action in the Charr zones. I’ll get to that in another post, because geeze, this is a lot of screenshots!


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4 Responses to Shenanigans

  1. Mozu says:

    BWE2 was fun. As. Fuck.


  2. jormundur says:

    Thanks for posting this! It immediately made me think of the good times and I wanted to log in again.

  3. Battlecat says:

    That was the most fun I’ve had in an MMO in a very very long time. Looking forward to many more fun weekends like that!

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