Shenanigans Part II

Well my nerdly friends, it is well past time for me to write a little description of ‘part 2’ of our guild get together last Beta Weekend.

After goofing about in Lion’s Arch, we decided to head through the Charr starter map, up towards the newly released higher-level map.In case you forgot what that looked like, here is tiny Mozu and skritt Rylar.

As seems to be the rule in this game, we got sidetracked. Then sidetracked again. Actually, we bounced all over the place like two year olds on a sugar bender. At any rate, first we tackled a little min-dungeon that takes place in the catacombs where the Charr starting instance occurs. This involved taking down one after another ghostly mini-bosses. As evidence of either how well downscaling works, or how much I need to work on my gameplay, my level 20 char was downed multiple times. Still it was exciting and satisfying to complete  together.  From there we tried to work our way north, wound up at a dead end, then got back around eventually to where we wanted to be, entering the new, higher-level charr map.

This zone was beautiful filled with lovely fall foliage, with ruins from the old human kingdom of Ascalon scattered everywhere. Did I get a screenshot of said ruins? Hmm. No. But here is a beauty shot of Mozu that was taken while Steve marveled at how the game can put your feet on different levels.

So what did we get up to around here? Well, some of us tackled the jumping puzzle up on the old wall (I couldn’t keep up, so opted to go kill random mobs below). After that we wandered northwards, and stumbled upon the Best. Event. Ever.

You know what I’m talking about.

Oh yes.

Cow racing.
The premise? The local Charr are breeding cows for food, but they also race them for gambling and profit. In order for the races to go on though, someone must don a cow costume, and train those cows in the fine arts of battle. And really, no self respecting Charr is going to put on a cow costume! Oh dear, I think they are looking at us guys.

Sadly, I did not get a screenshot with our character names, but what you’re looking at is Mozu, Rylar, Jormunder, Guymelef, Aryshiys, Battlecat, and Xandira all dressed in their finest cow costumes, teaching Miss Moo, Clover and others to beat up those poor practice dummies. In the end we defeated a crowd of trained wolves (still dressed as cows), then watched as our pupils faced off against each other in actual cow races. Oh, and you can bet on the races.  There was more hysterical giggling here at chez Bearzu than I have heard in quite some time.

As you can imagine, it was quite hard to top that one, and for me at least, the night wound down after that. We did encounter another nifty event, also cow themed, that involved catching the correct insects in a jar, and feeding them to the correct cows. Aryshiys demonstrated better reading comprehension than the rest of us, and figured out what we needed to do. I’m all for a little amateur entomology (though I am a professional :P) and I think it was a neat demonstration of how even the silly events are going to get a bit more complicated in higher level areas.

Now, I know I am forgetting many many things from that evening, never mind the fact that a bunch of us ran around together at other points over the weekend. Please, chime in in the comments if you recall stuff that I’ve forgotten, or let me know if you have screenshots to share. I’ll leave you with this glorious shot of the gates of the Black Citadel so we can marvel at the sheer detail in the world. I can hardly wait for our next chance to play together.

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