Developer inteview: Endgame

So, a couple of the Arenanet Devs (Colin and Eric) recently did a kind of interview/chat thing on twitch TV.  If you really want absolutely no spoilers about Orr, read no further, but below the break are what I thought were the key points.1. Orr is going to be fucking epic: huge map-scale objectives, normandy-beach scale troop movements, assaulting beach heads from the sea, flinging golems. For the dungeon on Orr to be easily accessible, your server really needs to hold the map. We’re talking WvW scale objectives in PvE. There will be no renown hearts in Orr – instead there are twice as many dynamic events as normal maps.

2. Endgame rewards:You will keep earning XP at level 80, doing whatever you do. Every time you gain a levels worth, you’ll get a skill point. Those skill points are currency you can use to make things in the Mystic Forge. There’s nifty looking armors, consumables, but most importantly – Legendary Weapons. These will require 100 skill points, plus a number of difficult-to-acquire materials that will demonstrate your mastery of the game. While not statistically superior, they will have skins and effects beyond those of standard high-level weapons. We’re talking a hammer that looks like it is made of liquid metal. That metal pools on your arms, and you leave footprints of it behind you when you walk. Fucking. Epic.

3. The last thing I thought was important was their promise of a really large live time. They want to keep dropping content into various maps in the game to keep things fresh. If you go back to a low level area after a year, it might be completely different.

Finally, it seems as though the devs are still having fun playing the game, even after 6 years of development. They seem ridiculously excited to have the game go live. Me thinks that bodes well!


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2 Responses to Developer inteview: Endgame

  1. Neeks says:

    For awhile now, I’ve been completely convinced the devs would pull it off and this game would be good and I would be satisfied with that. But then yeesh! I hear about stuff like this and continue shaking my head at how EPIC this will be. At the risk of sounding all fanboi, it seriously keeps getting better and better.

  2. Battlecat says:

    Wow, that sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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