BWE3 Info

Characters are being wiped before the final beta, and, I assume our “home” server will be reset.

If you are asked to choose a new server, head for “Tarnished Coast”. This unofficial RP server will most likely be [TDM]’s home come release.

(While I’m somewhat reticent to choose yet another RP server, I’m hoping that going there may see us avoid a lot of the rampant jackassery we might find on some of the other servers, although I suspect that we’ll see a roughly 1,000% increase in vomit-worthy ERP.)

I will get the guild set up as quickly as possible come BWE3, and will be giving Rylar, Raimius and Jormundur lead privileges, so bug them for invites. I’ll be too busy with the sylvari character creator.


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