Final Beta Weekend Wrapup

Well, that’s that. Three beta weekends and two stress-tests come and gone, and now we wait for release.

To sum up quickly, I had more fun in those eleven days than the final two years (or more) that I played WoW combined.

We had a great turnout, especially considering that when I restarted this blog, it was just Rylar and myself. Now the full guild roster should be around, or over, twenty come release. And speaking of Rylar, much of this wouldn’t have been possible without her taking the lead on the race and profession posts and otherwise suckering providing tons of information which really got the word out to folks who either didn’t know about the game at all, or were unsure of their interest level.

So, overall, I would call the whole endeavor so far a success, and my thanks to everyone who has and will continue to make Two Drink Minimum a kickass place to hang out, goof around, and slap some monsters’ shit.

Random Mozuings

Ranger: Pet AI is finally semi-decent state, although they need serious balancing/help with regards to survivability. “Just use a bear” or “swap pets” is a shitty solution, forum nitwits. Greatsword and longbow damage felt very sub-par in BWE3, and shortbow needs some serious loving. Sword/warhorn was a mainstay throughout this beta, and got tons of use.

Engineer: Uh, call me when rifle-engineer isn’t terrible. Seriously, though, I hear pistol/pistol is pretty good, and I didn’t touch the profession this weekend, so I can’t comment much. Last time I played one, they needed help badly.

Thief/Elementalist: Meh. Not for me.

Necro: Seemed pretty solid, apparently nerfed badly in BWE3.

Warrior: Has always been the most solid, complete-feeling class since the first beta weekend. Hasn’t really changed. Hell, if I could wear leather on one, I’d probably roll warrior over ranger. That fucking rifle…

Guardian: Easily the most fun I’ve had outside of ranger. Will definitely be rolling a guardian alt come release. Greatsword and mace/shield seemed like an awesome combo, I can see staff being fun (for someone else) and scepter was lolwat.

Tarnished Coast: Seemed like a decent enough place. Fucking retards in Lion’s Arch bitching about RPers on the official-unofficial RP server, though. Just wow.

Sylvari: Can’t stand the fake British accents, but the zones, lore and storyline seemed pretty awesome. The character creator puts the other races to shame, and Mozu, surprisingly, looks like Mozu.

Asura: Awesome. Probably my favorite areas in the game so far, and AHAHAHAHAHA GW2 MADE A BETTER STAR WARS CITY THAN SWTOR EVER MANAGED TO OLOLOLOLOL.  *ahem*

Off the top of my head anyway.

Oh, Hoelbrak still sucks.

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8 Responses to Final Beta Weekend Wrapup

  1. P33j says:

    I’ll definitely be making a Guardian, day one, as my main. Had way too much fun with that. Don’t know what I’m going to do for my long gunner class, but back in BWE2, I thought Rifle Engineers were the closest damned thing to cheating GW2 had.

    • Mozu says:

      Hey, just ’cause I thought they were wonky doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play the profession. As I understand it, they made quite a few changes between BWE2 and 3 for the better. You’ll probably have more fun going guardian/engineer than guardian/rifle warrior, just for the different armor class, if nothing else.

      Boy, that rifle warrior is ridiculous, though.

      I was planning a thief for my Asura alt, but after playing the class, was left with a ho-hum feeling, so I may end up with an engineer instead.

  2. Hrymnir says:

    Hi there it is funny how different views can be I totaly love every area other than the Azura starting area I felt totaly lost in there almost to the point of being dizzy and disoriented but I do love the look of the Azura race and loved playing as an Azura in the world vs world area. I like your “Thorn A Sylvari’s Tale” and hope I get to read more. Have fun out there :)

    • Mozu says:

      I’ll fully admit that I thought Rata Sum, while amazing, was totally nauseating at the same time. We had a big guild run-through of the starter zone and had a blast, though – at least until we got to ‘The Jumping Puzzle’, which took nauseating to a whole new level.

      Thanks, and enjoy the game yourself!

    • Rylar says:

      Yeah, I got completely lost in the Grove and Rata Sum. They both felt like much more vertically built cities to me compared to the other four (the Grove had what, 5 levels?). Its going to take me ages to figure out what level everything is on. Our guild got lost just trying to find the Asura gate to Metrica :P

    • Neeks says:

      I was able to finish the entire Asura starting area this last weekend. What struck me was that you actually have to pay attention to the quests. Whereas the human lands were, oh ok, obviously that guy with the bandit’s mask needs to die, or this spider needs to be crushed .. the technological Asura have all these different doodads and thinga-ma-jobbers that either running amok, or need fixing, etc. It’s not an atypical set of quests. I will admit, it doesn’t flow as well as the human lands, but I think they’ll adjust it a little before launch. And yah, Rata Sum is crazy Star Wars goodness and it’s very cool. lol Moz

      • Hrymnir says:

        so true about having to realy pay attention in the Azura area I guess my attention span was abit off after so many hours playing and was getting realy tierd when I chose to start an Azura :)

  3. Neeks says:

    Good thoughts, agree and disagree lol ;) But it was good to be able to play all day Saturday for once and get a lot of time in. I’m split between Guardian and Thief, but leaning Thief. Or correction, “Uncatchable Thief” :D Either way, I’m jonesing bad now for launch.

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