Beta weekend 3 TDM meetup

So last weekend marked the final beta weekend before Guildwars 2 launches. We had another guild run about Saturday to mark the occasion. We met up in Lion’s Arch, as last time, then headed off to the Asuran area via the gates.Attending this time around (by character name): Mozu, Rylar, Opalurel, Alsaedes, Xantri, Battlecat, Mrsquiggle, Gheiste, Snowface, Neeksi, Jorm, and possibly a couple other people who came and went.

Arriving in Rata Sum, we all rubbernecked for a while, then got completely lost looking for the gate to Metrica Province. Dang that city is vertical and confusing. Finally we headed out to see what the Asura had waiting for us.

A high point to me was the Skritt IQ test story line. We all followed this asuran npc who was capturing Skritt (the rat people) for IQ tests in the lab. We defended him and helped him catch a bunch, who were rounded up by this…creepy… golem, who told them there would be ice cream and cake later. Quest complete, we followed them all back to the lab, where the Skritt were locked up. The Asura proceeded to quiz one of the Skritt using the technical gobbledygook that you hear all over that zone. Tsking as the Skritt failed to answer even the most basic of questions about transharmonic accelerators, the researchers asked their subject some complex mathematical question. The Skritt cackled evilly, answered it correctly, then proceeded to break out and wreak havoc, yelling “This is our lab now!” You see, the more Skritt you get together in one place, the smarter they get. Our next task was to clear them out of the lab so that the Asura could get back to business dissecting this phenomena.

The dialog that went on throughout this was really quite hilarious. I think that Arenanet has had a lot of fun with both the Skritt and the Asura.

Besides the Skritt, there was at some point a giant shark. Squirtle may have been mentioned. Some folks who are not normally inebriated may have been. :D

<- Neeks was a bunny for a while.

At one point in the night we also came across the entrance to one of the more challenging jumping puzzles. This one is a famous, multi-stage, trap ridden challenge high in the clouds above Metrica Province. Clearly not an activity for a huge group containing some folks who still forget how to move their camera and target shit sometimes (ahem… me)  – apparently it takes even skilled players a good half hour to clear. I’ll be back there post release, falling, falling to my death until I learn. Here is a video of some kind of ninja jumping guy clearing it – avoid if you don’t want spoilers.

Overall, it was another wickedly fun night. There may not have been cows, but there was a lot of laughter, good times and killing of stuff.

Countdown to release if finally happening. I am so very excited to play with you all! 30 days to go until headstart!

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One Response to Beta weekend 3 TDM meetup

  1. Neeks says:

    Was a fun night, to be sure. Glad I called in sick ;) .. I would probly play this game anyway, but the fact that we have a good bunch of people here makes it even better.

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