Armor/weapon image extravaganza

Here are some Sunday shinies for you all.

I didn’t go take a bunch of images of the cool armor myself. But some enterprising folks about the internet did. For a great thread with all of the dungeon armor, racial armor, and dungeon weapons, check out this post.

Here is the heavy dungeon armor on the female Charr just for fun. The flame citadel stuff at the top right is pretty sweet. Wtf, that helm.

(ps: imagine it all with better dyes :P)


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10 Responses to Armor/weapon image extravaganza

  1. Neeks says:

    ok is it just me? or are the foci pretty cool? maybe it’s just different than traditional weaponry /shrug

  2. Mozu says:

    I love that the best bow I’ve seen so far is the one from the first dungeon set (Ghastly), although the Warden one has potential as well.

    Foci are pretty cool, yeah.

  3. Rylar says:

    Mozu and I have been wondering if some things are actually placeholders. He thinks a few weapon sets look like clones of stuff that was available in-game.

    • Mozu says:

      The “Dark Asura” for instance, use the same models as stuff that dropped for me and other folks in the mid-teens. I sure as shit hope they’re not using those models anyway…

      • Rylar says:

        I do wonder though what we’re missing in terms of special effects. For example, all of the ghastly stuff has day/night effects (i.e. I think the shield has a blue glowing skull on it at night). Perhaps something similar is going on with some of the other sets that doesn’t translate well in these low-res screen caps.

  4. Neeks says:

    ooooh that’ll be cool to have different fx like that .. lol another good idea from ANet

    • Rylar says:

      Well, I’m *sure* the ghastly set has day/night effects – all of the weapons, and possibly the armor too. And other fx stuff will definitely show up in the legendary weapons. I’m kind of excited to see what they came up with. :D

  5. Raimius says:

    I like them. I also like that they have mimic dyes to make items you get that are better, look like items that you feel look better. That made me pretty happy.

    • Rylar says:

      Do you mean the transmutation stones? Yeah, I’m pretty pleased about those! I can see myself loving some level 40 armor, then hanging onto it until level 80, so I can put level 80 stats on it. Sadly, I’m going to need more closet…err…bank space.

    • Neeks says:

      lol closet space indeed .. i’m keeping everything remotely cool .. i found myself looking at the preview buttons immediately on gear lol

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