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Release Weekend!

Many years of waiting have finally come to fruition with this past weekend’s release of Guild Wars 2. Ghost Company had a great weekend of running around, leveling, exploring, and general shenanigans – including a guild tour of Lion’s Arch … Continue reading

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Ghost Company

That is all. -Mozu

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Headstart News

Some good, some bad. Bad first. Some dicks stole Two Drink Minimum out from under us. We will now be known as Ghost Company so if you see an invite from them . . . them is us. I’ll try … Continue reading

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Two useful links

Is it Friday yet? Wait… it is! Wow, I am crazy excited! Must…focus… on work… I’ve got two useful links for you this morning. First, Arenanet has posted the online manual to the game, if that is something you might … Continue reading

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Chapter 3 is up

If you didn’t catch it on Mozu’s FB or Google+ pages, chapter 3 of Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale is up. Check it out in PDF or MOBI/EPUB (e-reader) format. -R-

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Friday, Friday, Friday!

One final login-night info post over on the [TDM] page for those of you waiting for Friday as impatiently as we are. If you fail to read it, and them come to us about anything on said post that night, … Continue reading

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Two videos for your perusal

Just a few days to go! in the mean time, here are a few videos to pass the time. First, a very serious accurate portrayal of the lore of the Charr in GW1. Very. Serious.<serious face> Secondly, the /dance emote … Continue reading

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