Window shopping

If you’re like me, and you can’t get enough of skimming through photos of weapons and armor that you might get in game, check out this guy’s page. He’s done a nice job of finding a lot of the armors and weapons that are available, including some very cool stuff from outside of dungeons.


Also, check out this gallery of armors as well – I think there are quite a few more sets than on the other page, but the images are lower quality.

Also-also, here’s a list of currently working emotes that I found:



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2 Responses to Window shopping

  1. Neeks says:

    wow! some of those leathers look amazing .. and just downright badass .. i’m gonna be hoarding the transmutation stones lol

  2. Rylar says:

    I hear ya. I’m actually almost more excited to start checking out weapons in-game. I don’t think that the static images do some of them *any* justice. Oh, and fyi, ‘/dance’ will definitely be in at launch. It seems they are saving it as a ‘surprise’. :D

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