Launch Day Info!

Hi all,

I just wanted to write a little update regarding what to expect upon release, as barely a week remains (at least for the pre-purchase head start).

First and foremost: Our home server will be “Tarnished Coast.” It is the unofficial roleplaying server chosen by a couple of online RP communities, so those who want to join in can have a broader community to interact with. In the previous beta it seemed like a pretty pleasant place to hang out, and it could also make for some fun encounters.

Keep in mind, home servers are most important for WvW – you’ll be able to guest on any server in PvE, though this function won’t be in at launch. So if you want to WvW with us (and of course PvE with the guild without having to fuss with guesting) get yourself onto Tarnished Coast when you first log in.

However, if the server is full when you sign on, I’d make a character on an alternate and get to playing. Server transfers will be free in that first week, so do not panic. Make your character, get your name, and get in to play. You can keep an eye on server capacity and snag a transfer as soon as there is space.  If you want to avoid this fuss, I would stay up for the midnight PST start time, and get onto Tarnished Coast. We have no idea how quickly the servers are going to fill. Oh, and FYI, they stated that the servers may open up to 3 hours early (as early as 9pm PST on Friday the 24th), so if you’re antsy about scoring your perfect name, keep that in mind. This also means that I may actually get to go to bed at a reasonable hour Friday night!

Mozu is going to get the guild made as quickly as he can Friday night/Saturday morning. Once [TDM] is up and running, we’ll get busy sending out invites. Hooray! FYI, I tend to forget that as an officer, I’m supposed to do stuff like send people invites, so just remind me! If you haven’t yet, be sure to get your user ID up on the guild forums so we have a solid list to work from.

Speaking of the guild forums, expect this to be the last Bearzu Smash! blog post that pertains to guild news or business. I think we’ll use the blog mostly for game info, updates to “Thorn”, and a place to share fun screenshots of guild happenings or exciting accomplishments with the wider web.  All important news and event coordination is going to happen on the Two Drink Minimum guild website. So, if you haven’t yet gotten yourself a membership there, well what are you waiting for??? Come hang out! We recently paid to upgrade it, so we’ve got unlimited forum space for planning dungeon runs, guild get-togethers, and other fun stuff. Expect some threads there in the next week planning some release-week fun.

Finally, if you haven’t been playing the betas, and are confused or lost, just ask on mumble or on guild chat. A number of folks in the guild been following the game pretty intensely, and have played in all the betas. We’ll all be happy to help out/offer advice! Otherwise, if you’re making a Charr to start, well, I’ll see you in the Black Citadel, Legionnaire!


And now, a word from Mozu . . .


Thanks, Rylar!

As she said, actual guild business will now be conducted on the guild website linked above. You’ll find the guild roster, Mumble info, guild happenings and get-togethers, guild news and any other events we feel need posting, along with some RP/background stories from some of our members, and plenty of off-topic nonsense.

Also, to reiterate, Tarnished Coast will be our home server. If, for some reason, the server is full by the time you get around to hopping on, don’t freak the fuck out – just roll on another server and transfer as soon as they increase capacity. We chose Tarnished Coast partly for the RP-ness, if you’re into that, but mostly (as far as I’m concerned) to minimize the number of total jackholes, trolls, and xXxSeFiR0tH666xXx types on the server.

[TDM] looks like a great bunch so far, but we (the leads) can only do so much on our own, and we need your participation, both on the forums and in-game, to make this a truly great guild experience.

It has been one long-ass journey to get here, and I’m still amazed by the turnout we’ve had so far. Rylar has kicked mad amounts of ass with her posts, both in quality and quantity, and I attribute said turnout mainly to her work. So, cheers, Rylar, and remind me to get you shitfaced the next time we’re in Lion’s Arch together.

In closing, I would just like to say that I look forward to running around Tyria with the rest of you knuckleheads, hopefully for many years to come.


P.S. – Thorn chapter 3 will hopefully be out before release. (woot!)

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