Release Weekend!

Mozu and Rylar in their natural habitat – a bar.

Many years of waiting have finally come to fruition with this past weekend’s release of Guild Wars 2.

Ghost Company had a great weekend of running around, leveling, exploring, and general shenanigans – including a guild tour of Lion’s Arch last night that scored us all map completion and a good time.

How was release? There were a few issues, and the Trading Post (auction house) is still down, and some folks missed out on scoring their names -unlike some obsessive, blue sylvari who were planted (har?) in front of their computers at 8pm waiting for the 9pm possible opening of the servers, “just in case”.

That said, overall, release was a hell of a lot smoother than anything I’d ever witnessed with Blizzard (admittedly, Cataclysm’s release wasn’t too bad, unlike the expansion itself), although the overflow servers seem a bit laggy.

Our tiny guild, which we thought might break 20, is now over 30 folks, so a huge thanks to Raimius, Kasari Magnus and JOOOOOORMundr for adding some new blood to this group.

I know “fun” has become a dirty buzzword, but that’s the only way I can sum up this weekend: Fun as fuck. Now I just have to find time to actually, you know, keep writing.


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