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Chapter 4

Long overdue, but expect chapter 5 within a week or so! Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale Also, make sure to check out the great info in Rylar’s post below for those of us who are financially challenged in GW2. Advertisements

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Useful links – in game economics

Hi all. Yeah, I’m still alive and kicking, and GW2 has indeed been on my mind. I’ve been having an excellent time in game, even with the warts and bugs that are still being ironed out. My main is up … Continue reading

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Been a while…

Yes, the next chapter of Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale is coming, and soon. The first draft is finished, so it’s back through a couple of times for rewrites and error corrections, then off to the editor. Shocking how the game … Continue reading

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Head start weekend run-about

Woah guys, where did time go? I am way overdue to report on guild doings in the past week. Well, we’ve all in running about Tyria like crazed skritt for over a week now, and I have to say, it … Continue reading

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