Been a while…

Yes, the next chapter of Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale is coming, and soon. The first draft is finished, so it’s back through a couple of times for rewrites and error corrections, then off to the editor. Shocking how the game finally releasing cut into my writing time.

“How’s the game?” you ask.

Good, in a nutshell. A ton of potential there, along with a ton of bugs, and some serious balancing needed as far as the classes/weapons go . . . and don’t get me started on the clusterfucks that are dungeons (and ANets ham-handed approach to pretty much anything at the moment).

The world itself is fucking phenomenal, with tons to explore. We’ve had a blast doing some group runs through zones, and other wacky themed guild nights – including a Goonies tribute puzzle/jumping puzzle that Jemina and Guyemelf found and led us through for Talk Like a Pirate Day (which rates just above April Fools on ‘Mozu’s Least Favorite Bullshit Fake-ass Holidays’ list). The place itself was awesome, though, and we had a great time (pic related).

Yarr. Scope out me swag.

The jury is still out here on the whole “no holy trinity” thing, but I think most of my hesitancy to call it a success is based on the godawful mess of said dungeons. Hopefully they get their shit together quickly, what with Pandaland right around the corner (then again, good riddance?).

Oh, and that whole “no grind!” policy? Yeah, nah.

Yes, through crafting, you can deck yourself out in Exotics at 80 for a reasonable cost. Oh, wait, you wanted 80 gear that doesn’t look like ass? Weeeeell, step right into the Korean MMO-style grind, my friends!

That’s not to say there aren’t some great-looking armor sets pre-80 (the “Leather” set Mozu’s wearing in the first shot is probably my favorite set in the game besides the T2 Human Racial set . . . which I can’t fucking wear), but all of the fancy-looking armor and weapons are a huge grind.

If ANet either actually fixes the dungeons, or ups the rewards (of which there are fuck-all at the moment), or moves to a unified badge type (the currency for buying the 80 Exotic gear), the dungeons will be worth doing (for me). Until then, I would rather WvW, dick around exploring, or go play Borderlands 2.

The tl;dr version is basically “totally worth the $60, but expect some frustrating shit and bugs that make you wonder what beta was even for”. There is a LOT of fun stuff about this game, but there is a lot that needs some serious work. I think the next month will be pretty telling as to whether ANet is serious about fixing shit, or whether we’ll see another TORtanic repeat.

(If I sound overly harsh, it’s because the rampant, blind fanboyism on the forums makes me want to reach through the screen and choke the life from people.)

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