Useful links – in game economics

Hi all.

Yeah, I’m still alive and kicking, and GW2 has indeed been on my mind. I’ve been having an excellent time in game, even with the warts and bugs that are still being ironed out. My main is up to 80 though, so I’m done. Hahaha. Ok, no. I’ve explored, what 45% of the world? I’ll be around for a while. :)

I’ve taken a while to post because I felt like I needed to post some kind of huge review of my experiences so far. Yikes, that just sounds exhausting. So I’m going to try and stick with short, sweet posts, and some of my favorite screenshots.

Today though, I’ve just got a useful link for you all. Markco is apparently pretty famous for his guides to in-game economies, and he’s now got a blog all about making money in the GW2 trading post. I thought he had some excellent ideas, and while specifics may not apply to you, or the market may have shifted since he wrote a particular post, I think his ideas are well worth looking into. He’s certainly given me food for thought on how to best use the trading post. I may not make money, but I think I can save some from here on based on his advice.

Happy bargain hunting!


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