I frankly don’t have the energy to go off on a rant (a statement which will surprise just about everyone I know, I’m sure) about the recent Crossfire/Quickening Zephyr nerf/bug/what-the-fuck-ever, or Jon Peters’ appalling reply to the ranger community, OR the closing of an 800 post thread about it.

Instead, anime! This season’s top picks:
1. Chuu2
2. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
3. Magi

Honorable mention: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Yes, I’ll admit, I haven’t read the manga, but I am assured by thousands and thousands of people that it’s awesome, so…we’ll see.)

Also a reminder that the anime of the year, Space Brothers, is still running. If you haven’t watched it, stop whatever you’re doing and go download the 28 episodes that are out so far.

No, go on, I’ll wait.

Oh, and Hunter x Hunter is always good fun.

On a different topic, I took my custom IEMs (see below, 6 driver, 3-way crossover) on a cross-country flight for the first time. HOW THE FUCK DID I LIVE WITHOUT THESE? They the curb the airplane noises immensely, all the while proving ridiculous sound quality.

(Yes, I am, in fact, laughing at you, Mr. Bose Noise Cancelling garbage. And, yes, I know those are the 5x. They were upgraded to the 6x, but look exactly the same otherwise.)

Anyhoo, besides another guild runaround, and more importantly, a fashion show (I shit you not), that’s what’s’a goin’ on. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and commenting on Thorn. I’m having an absolute blast writing it.


P.S. – Tune in on Monday. If there are no class changes/fixes, you’ll get your rant.


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