Hope on the horizon? It’s a start, of sorts.

From Jon Peters, re: the recent deep dicking the ranger has received:

Poof! Someone called and I am here. We made some ranger changes this patch, but had to go back on them because of risk factor. There are some bugs being fixed and quality of life improvements coming in the next patch, as well as some other significant ranger improvements. I would Literally tell you but I think it would be considered a bit of a spoiler so you will have to be patient.

While we work hard to keep updates going on all professions, not very build us going to contain fixes for everyone due to the nature of software development. One problem with rangers is the lack of build diversity created by a number of sub par utility skills. Many signets, a shout or two, and spirits are all a bit lackluster. That is the first place to expect improvements. Second is trying to improve the feel/ pacing on some weapons.

I want to be positive about this, and have some hope that they’re actually going to fix things for my chosen class, and at the same time, the flippant fucking way he starts this post pisses me off to no end.

Poof! Really? Where the fuck were you for the past two-plus weeks? Where the fuck were you during the nearly 800-post thread that got locked for “getting out of control” or, rather, “we’re sick of hearing about this so, eat a bag of dicks”?

I had a huge rant ready to go on this entire topic, and I think I’ll just hold onto it for now for posting at a later date, if I deem it necessary. At least we fucking FINALLY got a god damned answer, vague as it may be.

Oh, and fuck you, forum mods. Fuck you. Rangers, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

For the rest of you – it’s been Bioware-forum-esque over there, in a nutshell. Ding Dong Bannu. “Thread closed for being inflammatory.” No fun allowed, no joking allowed, no laughing allowed, no talking allowed. Makes me even more glad that I have this blog as a vehicle to discuss and/or vent about these issues, and drop a few f-bombs that I’d dearly love to drop on their forums. Instead, I try and go for calm and measured, if biting in my criticism, and from what I’ve seen now, that gets the mods pretty asspained, too.

On the official forums that is. Here, it’s all f-bombs and rage, but, frankly, I think that’s just as valuable in many ways, when the offical forums are so anti-criticism that even completely civil threads and posts are deleted, locked, and swept under the carpet.

Anyway . . . not all is as bleak as I make it out to be – the Halloween event is pretty neat so far, although I’m looking forward to more of the content opening up in the coming days. The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun, and pretty messed up (in a good way), and having the door events bugged last night was a fantastic way to spend a few hours farming, and finish up my monthly at the same time.

Also, I plan to kidnap a ghost-quaggan before the event ends and make him our guild mascot/dancing monkey. Maybe just to drive Neeks completely insane.

And speaking of monthlies, the new karma rewards for dailies (4,500 karma) and monthlies (45,000 karma) is pretty sweet (and affected by karma boosts when you consume the items). Now, if they ever allow us to buy cultural armor with it . . .

I spent pretty much all of my free time this past weekend banging out not only all of chapter six, but all of chapter seven as well. Yes, you read that right. Two chapters in three days (with a few small fixes today), and they’re both off with the editor right now.

How are they? Well, I was pretty excited by chapter four, and moreso by five, but I think both six and seven blow them away. Now that the (roughly hundred page) introduction to our main character is finished as of the end of chapter five, we get some new faces and locations, and start to see some plot unfold. Pretty exciting stuff, imo.

Well, I’m having a blast writing it, anyway.

Expect chapter six (which is about a third longer than the longest chapter posted so far) near the end of the week, and then I’ll probably be a dick and hold off on seven until the week after that. Once I get the edited versions back, though, it’s time to start banging away at eight.

Enjoy the Shadow of the Mad King, all!

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