Chapter 6!

NOTE: I’ve fixed a formatting problem with the ebook versions of chapter six. They should be working fine now.

Chapter 6 of Thorn, A Sylvari’s Tale is go! So…go!

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2 Responses to Chapter 6!

  1. svafar says:

    Oh man that was such an evil thing to do , to end chapter 6 like that. I am realy loving the story and the characters sadly I dont have time to play as much becouse of school but instead I steal a moment or two to read your story witch realy helps to quench my guildwars 2 gaming thirst. Keep up the good work m8 its awsome :)

    • Mozu says:

      Thanks so much!

      If it helps, chapter seven was written concurrently with six, and is back in my hands, edited and ready to go. You’ll just have a to wait a week, though. :D

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