Chapter 7 (and Metal November 4 and 5)

What? Chapter seven is live? It most certainly is, and here’s a little extra surprise for ya.

Chapter eight will be out next week.

Now, on to all things metal.

November 4th
This video makes me so fucking happy. Probably because it reminds me of just about every show I’ve ever played.  \m/

November 5th
Let’s put a little of the black in what should’ve been Black Metal November, shall we?

The Pacific Northwest’s own Agalloch released their epic Faustian Echoes EP earlier this year and it’s just that. Fucking epic. In my opinion, it blows their previous album away. Enjoy almost 22 minutes of sheer awesome, kids.

(In b4 black metal purists going batshit over my calling Agalloch “black metal” instead of “Cascadian blackened folk metal”. Get over yourselves.)

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