Metal November 8, 9, 10, and 11

I’m really on the ball with updating, as you can see.

November 8th
With all the recent weather across the country – even a gloomy day here in northern california – and considering that even the briefest of jaunts through goth rock would be wholly incomplete without Von showing himself (as much as he may wish to distance himself from the genre completely), here’s Andrew Eldritch, aka. The Sisters of Mercy with ‘Driven Like the Snow’. Enjoy!


November 9th
On the subject of The Sisters – in a sea of knockoffs and wannabees, most bands fall very, very flat. However, The Merry Thoughts are a band I generally describe to people as “more Sisters than The Sisters”.


November 10th
Sometimes, you just need a song about teenage girls tripping balls on LSD. Thanks, Queensryche.


November 11th
Hmm, what to post?

Wait, Hansi sings Dio? Jumpin’ Jesus, gimme some’a that. NOW.

(Seriously, folks. Best Dio cover ever. Period.)

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