Metal November 17

Speaking of Judas Priest, I’m sure it would come to no surprise to anyone I know that I FUCKING LOVE Tim “Ripper” Owens voice–yes, more than Halford. Sorry.

Soooo, without further ado, here’s Iced Earth with ‘The Clouding’ from the phenomenal Framing Armageddon album.

In other news, wow, what a buggy mess this patch has been so far. I have heard, however, from Rylar and some of the other Ghost Company folks, that Fractals are pretty excellent. Personally, I was so burned out from the gold-grind for my T3 cultutal–totally worth it by the way–the amazing (insert a dumptruck-load of sarcasm here) ranger changes in this patch, the ungodly lagfest that was the starting event, and the scavenger hunt storyline NPC bugs that I took a much-needed night off.

I’ll probably be on for the noon event today, but, call me a curmudgeon all you want–and people frequently do–but I’m expecting more lag, and a giant zerg full of fucking warriors spamming Hundred Blades and elementalists spamming Meteor Storm (or Shower, or whatever the fuck it’s called) completely obscuring anything that might actually be going on.

Should be fun!

Finally, man, am I glad no one judges my writing-writing by the disjointed and foul-mouthed rants on this blog.

Enjoy the metal!  \m/

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