Chapter 8 and Metal November 19

Chapter eight is live! Chapter nine is with the editor at the moment, so chances are, that’ll be out about this time next week, and ten is in the works.

Quick word about editing–I still find it funny (and aggravating) that while I have a professional editor/copy editor helping me with the copy editing side of things on this project, and I must read and re-read these chapters a dozen times or more before they get posted, WE STILL FIND MISTAKES right at the end, or even after things get posted. Drives me absolutely nuts, but that’s the way the human brain functions, I suppose–that is to say, not as razor sharp all the time as one might like.

On to the metal–and where was I? Oh yeah. So, Iced Earth.

We’ll move from Iced Earth to Demons & Wizards, a side project of both Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth) and Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian). It’s always interesting to me to hear Hansi on, how do I put it…simpler music than Guardian does, but still pretty damned cool. Enjoy!

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