Metal November something-something

One of these days, I’ll round up all the posts I’ve missed and get them up on this blog…

In actual news, chapter ten is coming along, but certainly not at the ridiculous pace that six through nine did, which was…what? Four chapters in four weeks? I hope to get the full first draft done by sometime this weekend. Rewrites should be fairly quick, and I already have ~5,300 words (after cutting an entire 600-700 word section), so, yeah. Should be a long chapter, as I predicted.

Anyway, on to music!

November 29th
Well, for our penultimate post of what’s been a pretty awesome Metal (and Goth Rock) November, I think it’s only fitting that the honor go to Andrew Eldritch once again.

Take us on home, Von.

(Also, gonna shoehorn a couple of other posts that didn’t make it in during the month, but should’ve.)

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