Useful links and a wee bit of controversy

Hi all,

Rylar here, peeking my head out of the science mines to bring you a few useful Guild Wars 2 related links.

First, if you’ve despaired of making money in game, check out This very cool site tracks the prices of stuff on the trading post, and will even calculate the cost of crafting something vs its selling price. If you’re leveling crafting for instance, and want to try an break even this could be a very handy tool to decide what types of items to focus on.

Second we have the infamous dragon timers. Oft quoted as an example of the non-dynamic-ness of the game, they do have a fun advantage of getting a crowd together in game for some of the epic fights. If you are logging on, and feel like hitting up an epic fight, just check this website to see if you should go poke about Frostgorge, or maybe Sparkfly Fen.

Lastly, there was a pretty massive reddit AMA earlier this week with Dev Chris Whiteside. If you don’t follow forum/gamer drama, here’s the tldr: ANet introduced a new tier of gear. Gamers flipped out thinking it heralded the introduction of a Wow-style grindy gear treadmill where you’re forced to play fractals to keep up. ANet flubbed both their communication on and timing of the introduction of ascended stuff leading to much dramatic QQ all over the official forums. The AMA wound up being mostly about this little soap opera, which is a shame because there were lots of other good questions out there.

In the midst of this, Mike O’Brien chimed in on what we can expect from the game long term in terms of progression. Here is the guru thread summarizing his official stance. I think it the OP is worth a quick read, if this whole controversy worried you.

Here’s my take on the whole thing:

1. They want to give players new things to do, because new goals are fun.

2. The way Ascended gear is in game now does not represent how they plan to have us acquire it long term. We’re going to be able to get it through all aspects of gameplay, not just Fractals. They also have no intention of introducing new tiers beyond ascended, at least in the near future (but never say never, if a game is going to have a lifespan of years).

3. The current material requirements for the ascended pieces are too high, and they plan to re-adjust. They recognize that there are other aspects of the game that are also too grindy. These things are getting looked at. I’m optimistic about this one, because I think they did a good job adjusting the dungeon tokens.

4. Pretty much, they fucked up. Ascended items shouldn’t have been introduced they way they were, and the communication about it all was terrible.

That’s all from me. There is a guild get together this Saturday – info on the guild site. I’m still keen to run dungeons any time, but Mozu and I are always on looking for a group on Wednesday nights, if you want join in.  I rather like Fractals, so if anyone wants to get their feet wet in those, let me know! I’m not bothered by replaying the early levels. :)

Below are a few screenies from recent adventures.



I think I’m going to just take over the Flame Legion. Forget destroying them.


Uncategorized Fractal. Yikes!


Another shot of uncategorized. Very cool.

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