Happy Wintersday, all!

Happy Wintersday

It’s been a while that I’ve posted anything particularly GW2-related that isn’t about Thorn, anyway.

I don’t have a ton to say, I admit. Halloween was good fun, Cursed Shore was terrible (aside from the surprise precursor, the swanky accessory, and the bag), and Wintersday has been pretty enjoyable, and I adore the “fancy outfit”, or whatever it’s called, on Cordelia, although we’ve yet to tackle the Toypocalypse.

Rangers still haven’t received any (imo) game-changing buffs, but I seem to be having fun on Mozu again suddenly, having switched from a DPS SB build to a GS tank build. Rolling Cordelia as a thief was . . . I won’t call it the nail in coffin with regards to ranger, but it certainly pointed out a massive number of shortcomings. Like an idiot, though, much like in the old days with hunters, I keep hoping for those much-needed buffs with every patch.

We’ve had a few folks leave to go back to WoW (pardon me while I laugh my ass off–GW2 may have a ton of problems, but the idea of going back to WoW is actually less appealing than getting my genitals caught in a doorframe), and a ton of new, seemingly very nice folks show up from a couple of other MMOs they’ve abandoned (and thanks to PJ for that).

The “core” folks are still playing pretty regularly, and we hope to see Jormundur swinging around Juggernaut withing a couple of months or so–certainly, I’m happy to send along any mats he needs that I’ve had drop. I’ll be thrilled to see Ghost Company with a legendary, and I’m just glad it isn’t me doing that ridiculous grind.

So, yeah. Generally having fun, bitching ad nauseum about bugs and class balance issues, leveling alts (or running explorables and turning them into mains), finishing my surprisingly short, but unbelievably tedious grind for full T3 cultural on Mozu (sans hat), and twiddling my thumbs, waiting for ranger buffs which probably won’t come and way, way, way the fuck overdue bug fixes on a laundry list of things in the game.

I’ll admit, I’m pretty interested to see what’s coming in January/February.

On a final, sad, non-GW2-related note, today marks the one-year anniversary of David Gold’s death. He may not have lived to see Woods V: Grey Skies and Electric Light released, but I love and treasure this album as, imo, the best Woods of Ypres release, and easily my top album of 2012. I will be raising a glass or three in his honor tonight as I run through the entire Woods discography. Here’s to you, David.  \m/

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